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Pests commonly encountered in and around Birmingham :

Rats – Carriers of diseases such as Weils disease , Salmonella , Cryptosporidosis and E . Coli . Rats reach sexual maturity within 2-3 months and typically have a litter size of 8-10 offspring . They are capable of 7 litters per year .



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Birmingham Rat Control


Rat Control Birmingham







Mice – The House Mouse is the number one household pest in the UK . They can become sexually mature in as little as 6 weeks with a litter size of 5 – 6 . Mice are capable of 8 litters per year .

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Mice Control in Birmingham


Mice Control in Birmingham – Call Today







Bedbugs – Cimex lectularius The bedbug has once again become a huge problem in recent times . Bedbugs and eggs are inadvertently brought in from infested dwellings including hotels on clothing and luggage . Contact us on 0121 769 2165 for advice on Birmingham pest control 

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Bed Bug Treatments Available – Call for a Quote



Wasps – We have successfully eradicated hundreds of wasps nests in Birmingham . We guarantee our treatment for these seasonal pests .

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Birmingham Wasps Nest Removal Guaranteed







Ants – Garden Ants are the most common ant to enter properties and become a real nuisance . We generally use an insecticide on the perimeter of the building and internally if required .

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Ant control in Birmingham









Fleas – Generally brought into properties on their hosts such as cats & dogs . We spray the whole property to eradicate fleas –    Call today for advice / Quote

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Flea control in Birmingham








Squirrels – Grey squirrels in the roof can sometimes be mistaken for rats or mice when noises are heard . Squirrel droppings are very similar to rats so the correct diagnosis must be made for the  treatment to be successful .

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Grey squirrel control Birmingham 0121 769 2165







Cockroaches – Most common cockroaches in properties are the German cockroach                    ( Blatella germanica) These are ferocious breeders and need to be acted on quickly . However large or small the infestation , call us today on 0121 769 2165 Birmingham Pest Control for a Free Quote .


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Cockroach Treatments Available