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Pests commonly encountered in and around Birmingham:

Rats – Carriers of diseases such as Weils disease , Salmonella , Cryptosporidosis and E. Coli. Rats reach sexual maturity within 2-3 months and typically have a litter size of 8-10 offspring. They are capable of 7 litters per year.

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Birmingham Rat Control

Rat Control Birmingham

Mice – The House Mouse is the number one household pest in the UK. They can become sexually mature in as little as 6 weeks with a litter size of 5 – 6. Mice are capable of 8 litters per year.

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Mice Control in Birmingham

Mice Control in Birmingham – Call Today

Bedbugs – Cimex lectularius The bedbug has once again become a huge problem in recent times. Bedbugs and eggs are inadvertently brought in from infested dwellings including hotels on clothing and luggage. Contact us on 0121 769 2165 for advice on Birmingham pest control 

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Bed Bug Treatments Available – Call for a Quote

Wasps – We have successfully eradicated hundreds of wasps nests in Birmingham . We guarantee our treatment for these seasonal pests.

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Birmingham Wasps Nest Removal Guaranteed

Ants – Garden Ants are the most common ant to enter properties and become a real nuisance. We generally use an insecticide on the perimeter of the building and internally if required.

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Ant control in Birmingham

Fleas – Generally brought into properties on their hosts such as cats & dogs. We spray the whole property to eradicate fleas –    Call today for advice / Quote

birmingham flea fumigation , flea treatment birmingham

Flea control in Birmingham

Squirrels – Grey squirrels in the roof can sometimes be mistaken for rats or mice when noises are heard. Squirrel droppings are very similar to rats so the correct diagnosis must be made for the  treatment to be successful.

squirrel control in birmingham , squirrels in the roof birmingham , birmingham pest control

Grey squirrel control Birmingham 0121 769 2165

Cockroaches – Most common cockroaches in properties are the German cockroach (Blatella germanica) These are ferocious breeders and need to be acted on quickly. However large or small the infestation, call us today on 0121 769 2165 Birmingham Pest Control for a Free Quote.

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Cockroach Treatments Available

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